Business VoIP – Tips For Evaluating a VoIP Small Business Solution

Is the VoIP System Scalable?
When you are analyzing a new VoIP phone system you need to make sure the solution is scalable. By scalable we mean can you easily add phones and take away phones without incurring extra costs. Hosted VoIP PBX systems are excellent options here because they allow you to do just that. If you purchase a hosted PBX you will be able to cancel and add lines and add and remove VoIP phones easily. While some plans do differ, this is usually a big benefit. This can be more difficult with a premise based system, which may require you to purchases equipment to cope with growth.How is the Systems QOS?
No matter what solution you are evaluating this is a big one. QOS stands for Quality of Service, and all business VoIP solutions need to be put to this test. The main issue here is that not all small business phone systems offer the level of service you want to represent your business. When you are picking a solution, you should test the service first. You can also interview previous customers or look at the company’s testimonials section to make sure they have good reviews. In addition, when you are selecting your service it is important to confirm with the company that they offer a high QOS in your particular area. This is important to keep in mind because some business VoIP providers specialize in certain regions.

Does the Service Provider Have a Sweet Spot?
Many VoIP providers can only support small installations. They may only be able to cope with 20 seats per company. Make sure you know what the provider is capable of. If they usually only sell 5 seats and you have 400 employees they may not be the right business VoIP solution for you.How is the Customer Service?
In this day in age quality customer service is vital, especially in the VoIP world. If your phone system goes down for one reason or another you want to make sure your service provider is there waiting with open arms, ready and willing to help for no additional charge. When picking a business VoIP provider, make sure there customer service is up to your standards. Talk to a past customer or call customer service and see what a normal wait time is. Overall, make sure the company is responsive to your needs.